One of the most profitable products a small print shop can produce is Raffle Tickets. But the trouble is most small to medium sized print shops either don't have a numbering unit or it is not setup to number multiple documents on a single sheet of paper. Most print shops do however have a laserjet or multi purpose printer. Combine that with some graphic software like Publisher and and easy to use numbering software program and you can capture the raffle ticket business and not let it slip away from you.

     You could now offer Raffle Tickets, Benefit Cards, Numbered Business Cards and even numbered multi part business forms or NCR paper (carbonless paper).

     An easy to use piece of stand alone software that makes numbering easy can be found here. This works with any desktop or graphic software that allows you to do a "mail merge". This includes:

      *  Corel Draw
      *  Microsoft Publisher
      *  Adobe Indesign
      *  Microsoft Word

one raffle ticket numbered at both ends
multiple raffle tickets layed out to a page
numbered three part NCR form
perforator and scorer
print raffle tickets with numbers using Number Pro
Raffle Ticket and Event Ticket Numbering
Raffle ticket numbering can be easy and give you a larger array of products to offer your customers.
     Besides the printer, and software you will need a paper cutter and perforator if you are going to offer a ticket with a stub. For a small table top machine that is affordable I would recommend the unit below. This is adjustable and allows for multi perforations and scoring in one pass.